NTSA unveils plans to introduce smart driving license

NTSA unveils plans to introduce smart driving license

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The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has disclosed plans  to introduce the new smart driving license as it aims to bring sanity into Kenyan roads.

NTSA chair Jackson Waweru yesterday said the entity will soon roll out a new license with a biometric system containing a wide array of driver details with the aim of profiling them.

Waweru elaborated that the new license through its data system will help the authority and any other interested institutions to scrutinize drivers based on their behavior and driving history.

“This is unprecedented in the history of driving in this country. The new license will have a data base where we have introduced a merit and demerit point system. Habitual offenders behind the wheel will be deducted points while good drivers will be awarded,” he said.

“The smart DL will also have a payment wallet that will be used to pay instant traffic fines for minor traffic offences. This will get rid of corruption and hasten the duration of punishing offenders,” added Waweru while addressing the media at NTSA headquarters, Nairobi.

“As soon as we roll them out, we shall revoke the issuance of old generation licenses while immediately embarking on issuing the new smart DL for those seeking to renew licensing.

He further noted that in their endeavor to improve road safety and rein on errant drivers, the entity has developed a new curriculum for training and testing of drivers and handbooks to guide trainees.

The curriculum will cover theoretical learning, practical training and examinations to thoroughly gauge persons who qualify to drive on our roads.

Waweru disclosed that plans are underway to train driving school instructors on the new curriculum so that they can facilitate it when it rolls out next year.

“We appeal Kenyans to abide by our regulations. We envisage that this new raft of measures will drastically reduce fatalities on our roads,” Waweru said.

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