Kenya’s top land dealer Francis Mburu unmasked

Kenya’s top land dealer Francis Mburu unmasked

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Francis Mburu

The face behind the much scandalous land payout amounting to billions
of shillings that have seen government agencies contradict each other
on the status of ownership can today be revealed.

Discreet 69 years Francis Mburu Mungai is the single controlling the
narrative of the controversial ownership of the Ruaraka schools land
has deepened after a former associate of the controversial claimant
unleashed a dossier exposing numerous multi-billion-land frauds.

In an explosive dossier, Meshack Onyango Dehay, a former ally of the
man at the centre of the disputed Ruaraka land Francis Mburu Mungai
reveals an intricate web of schemes to siphon the public of billions
in fraudulent compensation schemes.

In his 42-paged personal statement sent to investigating agencies, the
man denounced by Mburu as an extortionist turns into a whistle-blower
and lays bare mind-boggling documentary evidence of rackets being
played out by land sharks.

He lists dizzying figures being claimed and paid or planned by the
government with the collusion of state officials, through non
disclosure of information for multi-million kickbacks. The dossier has
already been received by Parliament and is now a privileged document.

Onyango claims Mburu has used the Ruaraka land to mint billions of
shillings since the death of its true former “owner”, Phillip Wahome
who died in 2004.

He claims that the initial land was LR. NO. 7879/4 and that it was
never sub-divided into LR. NO.7879/24 and LR. NO. 7879/25 used by
Mburu on numerous occasions to defraud the government.

Onyango claims Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, Nairobi
governor Mike Sonko, Education PS Belio Kipsang’ and National Lands
Commission Chairman Mohamed Swazuri among other top state officers are
masterminds of the Ruaraka heist.

Early this year, the government paid Whispering Palms Estate Ltd Sh1.5
billion as part of the Sh3.2 compensation claim by Mburu for the
acquisition of Ruaraka High School and Drive-in Primary school.

In what reads like fiction, Onyango paints a picture of a systematic
plot by Mburu to defraud the State for over a decade. He alleges that
Mburu had initially approached the late former Internal Security
Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode to aid the scam for kickbacks.

But in what is promising to be a dirty war, Mburu has himself told MPs
probing the land that Onyango is among disgruntled extortionists who
were salivating for his cash.

The dossier has been sent to Parliament, the EACC, CID and DPP with
Onyango seeking a chance to appear before MPs to reveal how top state
officers connived with Mburu to steal from the public.

He now claims that his life is in danger following the expose.

“By a copy of this personal statement I request both the honourable
speakers of the National Assembly and the Senate and their respective
investigative committee to order that I be given personal security,”
Onyango states.

EACC spokesman Yasin Amaro yesterday confirmed to the Star that the
agency had indeed received the letter from Onyango and investigations
were ongoing.

Onyango alleges that Mburu through his Afrison Export Import limited
and Huelands Ltd have swindled the Kenyan government over Sh3.8
billion in fraudulent claims on the Ruaraka land alone since 2012.

Lifting the lid on alleged behind the scenes maneuvers, Onyango says
another mega scandal is in the offing at the Office of the President
with the connivance of the Attorney General’s chambers which the
courts plan to rubber stamp.

He says the taxpayers are staring at the loss of Sh141 billion through
Petition No. 376 of 2015 and a further Sh840 million for the Ruaraka
chief’s camp and Administration Police headquarters.

Onyango at the same time flags what could soon unfold as the country’s
most choreographed scam involving the ministry of Transport and
Infrastructure as well as the Nairobi County government.

He claims that a plot has been hatched by top ministry officials and
high-ranking Nairobi county government officers to fleece taxpayers of
a staggering Sh4.2 billion through a bus park to be constructed as
part of the controversial Rapid Transport System.

The estranged ally who affects strong political connections says there
is a plan to approve compensation to Mburu so that the county can put
up a bus park on a fictitious 20-acre allegedly on the LR. NO. 7879/4
Ruaraka land.

Detailing how influential tender barons are working with top state
officers to swindle billions, Onyango claim that another earthshaking
scandal is unfolding along Ngong’  road at a “breath-neck speed(sic).”

He says there are plans to acquire LR. NO.7656 along Ngong’ Road at a
cost of Sh13 billion and another Sh9.6 billion for Chakama Ranching
Company Ltd land in Kilifi.

Onyango says the Kilifi land, now under the name of Mburu’s firm, New
Agricultural ltd, was grabbed from the “poor owners.”

The businessman claims that negotiations are also at an advanced stage
for Nairobi County to pay Mburu’s firm Afrison Export Import Ltd a
claim of Sh24 billion despite a court order that absolved the devolved

Mburu’s companies were initially demanding Sh6.7 billion before the
amount was scaled up to Sh12 billion, he says.

“Francis Mburu had put forward a proposal to governor Mike Sonko on
how to share the loot once the figure is agreed upon before we had our
disagreements in February 2018,” said Onyango in his letter.

Regarding the compensation of the Ruaraka land, Onyango claims that
prior to the disbursement of the initial payment Sh1.5 billion,
Nairobi county wrote off the land rates that stood at Sh700 million
and replaced them with Sh12 million.

According to Onyango Sh170 million was to be paid as kickbacks but
only Sh85 million had been paid to those involved by February this

“Before I left, the Nairobi City bosses were to be paid not by
Whispering Palms Estates Ltd but through another related company
called Champion Kenya Ltd.” he said.

Separately Onyango claims, Matiangi was to pocket Sh300 million,
Swazuri Sh400 million, Kipsang Sh100 million and former Attorney
General Githu Muigai Sh250 million.

“It can be seen that the initial correspondence on this claim was
between Francis Mburu, Dr MuhamadSwa zuri and CS Fred Matiangi.

They have been the key drivers of this fraud,” he alleges. He,
however, claims that Kipsang was initially unwilling to play ball
despite pressure from Matiangi.

However, Mburu allegedly went through Ainabkoi MP William Chepkut whom
he says is a close relative of the PS.

“Mburu gave him a proposal that he would pay Hon. Chepkut Sh100
million if he talked to and convinced Dr. Belio Kipsang to release
Sh1.5 billion that had already been sent to the Education Ministry.””
he claims.

“It was after Hon Chepkut took Mburu to PS Belio Kipsang and Mburu
promised to give Dr Belio Kipsang Sh100 million that the PS wrote to
the National Land Commission CEO Tom Aziz Chavangi on the 15th January
2018 on this matter.”

In what is likely to dent the image of Senators involved in the probe,
Onyango claims that some Senators have already been compromised to
cover up for Mburu and Matiangi.

“The alleged investigations by the Senate PAC and PIC Committees
currently going on is a public relations exercise aimed at covering up
for the thieves.”

He claims some senators already met with the authors of the fraud.

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