Government to introduce new way of TB diagnosis in HIV-positive patients

Government to introduce new way of TB diagnosis in HIV-positive patients

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Kenya is set to roll out testing of a Tuberculosis bacteria, mycobacterial lipoarabinomannanknown (TBLAM) by analysing urine for TB diagnosis in HIV-positive patients.

Last week while attending a TB Ministerial Conference in Moscow, Health Principal Secretary (PS), Julius Korir announced that Kenya will be rolling out the TB LAM test.

 In 2016 alone, an estimated 53, 000cases were co-infected by TB and HIV in Kenya.  Devastatingly almost half of those people _ 24, 000 _ cases died, which could partly be attributed to late diagnosis and late treatment initiation.

“Already we have allocated USD 300, 000 (Sh300 million) for the procurement of TB LAM tests, hence about 85, 710 tests will be purchased at a cost of USD 3.50 (Sh350) per test according to the manufacturer’s price,” said Korir.

The PS has indicated that for effective solution to TB-HIV co-infection he will chair a meeting between the national HIV (NASCOP) and TB(NTLD-P) programs before the end of the year.

“Greater collaboration between national HIV and TB programscan also be achieved by having collaborative indicators such as attendance inpolicy development working groups of new drugs and diagnostic tests to be usedin the TB-HIV co-infected populations,” he added.

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