Ekuru Aukot court ruling scuttles Raila Odinga plan

Ekuru Aukot court ruling scuttles Raila Odinga plan

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Opposition chief Raila Odinga’s political game plan yesterday was scuttled by a High Court ruling likely to give President Uhuru Kenyatta an easy ride.

The day after Raila dramatically withdrew from presidential rerun, a High Court in Nairobi gave a lifeline to all August 8 poll losers — spoiling a NASA strategy that depended on a scenario with only two contenders, one of whom withdraws.

Before the court ruling yesterday, the apparent NASA game plan — calling for nominations and a totally new election — had confounded many people and left Uhuru and his brigade pondering their next move to ensure his legitimacy.

The repeat election is to be on October 26.

Raila’s strategy depends on paragraph 290 of the 2013 Supreme Court ruling on his own presidential petition. The six-member bench ruled that if a candidate withdraws the poll is postponed.

The paragraph states: “Suppose, however, the candidates, or a candidate who took part in the original election, dies or abandons the electoral quest before the scheduled date: then the provisions of Article 138(8) (b) would become applicable, with fresh nominations ensuing.”

According to NASA, the implication of that ruling is that upon his withdrawal, the upcoming poll is cancelled.

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