KAA move to advertise tender for security equipment questioned

KAA move to advertise tender for security equipment questioned

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A move by the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) to allow bidders for a tender to supply security equipment to access key security installments at the country’s major airports has now raised fears of breach of security protocol.

During a pre-tender meeting last month, the institution allowed bidders for 
for the supply, installation, of camera surveillance security system at Jomo
Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport and Wilson

Insiders have questioned the rationale behind allowing bidders to access key security installations as it could significantly jeopardise the country’s security.

 Bidders made site visits and attended pre-tender meetings at Moi
International Airport on September 22, 2017, JKIA September 25, 2017
and Wilson Airport on September 26, 2017.

Further, the potential contractors were given access to VIP restricted
areas at both Wilson Airport and JKIA.

“Kenya Airport Authority officials took bidders to key security
installations at JKIA and Wilson without any vetting taking place.

Prior due diligence of all the bidders should have been carried out
before being allowed in.,” A highly placed source privy with the
goings on said.

In the last few years, KAA has invested heavily to safeguard the civil
aviation sector with installation of state of the art security and
surveillance systems and scanners.

“The aviation security is a combination of material and human
resources, and the handling of the said tender process was wanting in
security terms,” our source added.

In October 2013, mysterious fierce fire gutted JKIA in what police
investigations pointed to an electric fault.

The main building of international arrivals, a section of departure
lounges and immigration unit respectively saw complete shut down and
indefinite suspension flights in the vital installation.

JKIA was in February given Category One status following several audit
processes by the US’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Earlier, Kenya had failed to meet a number of conditions, delaying
commencement of flights in August last year.

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