Marsabit nurses to end strike after deal with county

Marsabit nurses to end strike after deal with county

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Nurses in Marsabit are expected to end their three-month strike on Monday after talks with the county leadership, Governor Mahammud Ali has said.

Ali said the county government has been holding talks with the nurses and has exuded the confidence of signing a return to work deal on Monday.

Marsabit county is suffering from a Malaria pandemic that has killed at least 30 people in North Horr.

The governor has pledged to supply modern equipment to health facilities, motivate nurses and improve working conditions to enable health workers combat diseases effectively.

“I am confident they will all return to work to help our people at this critical time,” he said.

Governor Ali on Thursday lauded nurses who have already returned to work saying they are providing treatment to residents in areas ravaged by the Malaria outbreak.

“Our nurses came in to help those suffering from the disease. Many agencies led by Red Cross are also playing a vital role,” Ali said.

He said the county government is working with the national government to establish a Kenya Medical Training College and a disease research centre in the county.

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