Insurance companies urged to provide cover for dental patients

Insurance companies urged to provide cover for dental patients

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The Ministry of Health has urged insurance companies to expand coverage to people with dental problems.

Speaking today during a celebration of world oral month Miriam Muriithi, Ministry of Health Dental Department said even if some companies are offering such covers the amount which is given is always small and can’t help someone with a major problem.

“Some of the dental treatments are expensive and Kenyans are unable to afford them because of lack of resources. Insurance companies have to extend coverage for such Kenyans, as being practiced in several other nations,” she said.

She said oral diseases in Kenya have worsened against a backdrop of healthcare personnel deficit and changing dietary habits. Muriithi cited the latest report by Kenya oral health survey which was conducted recently and indicated that we have one dentist per 42,000 patients, a number which falls short of the recommended ratio of one dentist per 7,000 patients by the World Health Organization.

“Apart from introducing such covers, we would also urge companies which are offering this them to consider increasing the amount so that one can benefit when in need,” she added.

Currently most insurance companies offer an average cover of Sh20,000 for all outpatient services and this is the amount one has to pay for root canal treatment for a single visit.

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