Eva Musado narrates life she shared with her husband

Eva Musado narrates life she shared with her husband

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IEBC acting ICT director Chris Msando's widow Eva addresses mourners during the requiem mass at Consolata Shrine in Westlands, Nairobi, August 17, 2017.

“I don’t know where to start…I don’t know what to tell you…All I have to say is ‘why’. Why? Why?”

These were the words of IEBC acting ICT manager Chris Msando’s widow Eva at his requiem mass on Thursday.

Eva put on a brave face and narrated her story with a man she spent 12 years with. He was charming and gentle, she said.

She continued: “He was crazy but in a good way. He loved and cherished his family. He took only a single day to woo me to become part of his life.”

Eva further told mourners at Consolata Shrine in Westlands, Nairobi, that Msando was captivating and had the gift of winning everybody to his side.

“Everybody voted seamlessly for him because of his hard work. His memory will live on in the stories people are telling now.”

Eva said nothing will be the same without her husband but noted “God will direct Chris and never let him go”.

She finished with a song that she said the children taught Msando, and that they sang when he went back home from work.

“Who has the final say? Jehovah has the final say.”

“This was the song we used to sing with him when he came home,” she said. “Chris is our hero.”

Msando was murdered days before the August 8 national election and a post mortem revealed he was tortured and then strangled.

The exam was carried out at Lee Funeral Home by government pathologist Johansen Odour and B Biyakika who represented the family.

Eva, who also sang ‘In the sweet by and by’ said she will eventually unite with Msando.

But she noted: “It is wrong. It is not fair. Look at the babies…my oldest is 10.”

The widow said her husband’s murderers must be found and punished as they should not be allowed to walk free.

But she also asked Kenyans to let “justice be our shield and defender” as the national anthem says.

“It will not go in vain. Tumekataa (We have refused)…Are you happy? Because I know you are watching. May you not have peace and vengeance is of the Lord” she told the criminals.

In his tribute, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati recalled how he learned of Msanfdo’s death and the horror of viewing his body at City Mortuary.

“The question of who brutally murdered Msando remains. Why did he have to face such a death? We pray that police finish the probe very soon…we want closure on this.”

Chebukati said he knew Msando since he took his oath of office in January.

He eulogised him as an honest person who was an expert in the ICT sector.

“When we went to the IEBC, we realised Chris had deep knowledge in ICT. We join you in celebrating Chris and saying goodbye to a man who exemplified brilliance,” he said.

“He was a colleague who reported to the office at 6am and never left before 10pm.. He was an honest, humble and courageous young man.”

Further noting Msando was respectful and a team player, Chebukati said this traits enabled the electoral egency to organise itself and fit in his shoes.

“In you memory we have upheld what you lived for. Chris became a friend and adviser on matters ICT. I pray the guardian angels be with you,” he said.

“His deep laughter filled our corridors and boardrooms. His legacy will last forever,” he added and asked the bereaved not to lose faith.

“Always remember that your husband and father was always a great man. Mama Maria, there are no words that could comfort you and I hope Chris’ legacy on ICT is one you will forever cherish.”

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