Learners in primary schools to get half term break

Learners in primary schools to get half term break

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Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.

Learners in primary schools will also break for half term just as their counterparts in secondary schools, Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has announced.

Ms Mohamed Tuesday said the break will enable both the teachers and learners rejuvenate and refresh themselves.

“It is important to have time to think other than teach so that you can refresh your minds and go back to school fresh,” the Education CS said.

Speaking during the official opening ceremony of the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association conference in Mombasa, Ms Mohamed assured the more than 10,000 delegates that her ministry will relook into issues and policies affecting them.

“But you [should] also assure and promise [us] to treat children well as those you have in your homes, protect them against harm. Don’t [discriminate against] any child due to pregnancies; it is not allowed,” Mr Mohamed warned.

The CS urged the tutors to give psychological support to expectant learners and encourage them to continue with their studies.

“Violence against learners in schools should be stopped. We are working on modalities to address especially sanitation challenges in schools,” Mr Mohamed added.

On Monday, chaos rocked the first day of the conference over Sh500 monthly subscription fee to their association, with the school heads questioning how the money was being used and called for its reduction.

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