Uhuru gives State of the Nation address

Uhuru gives State of the Nation address

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently making his annual State of the Nation address to Parliament, the first since his re-election in two rounds of elections last year.

The president is legally required to address a joint sitting of the Senate and the National Assembly at least once a year and has used the event in the past to make momentous announcements.

President Kenyatta: The trust that the people have bestowed on us is sacred. The Constitution that brings us here for this address is actually a guide to help us create a healthier and more united country. Our constitutional order is secure. Devolution is no longer a baby, but is mature and thriving.

President Kenyatta: We are today above the 15 percent threshold for the allocation of resources to counties.

President Kenyatta: I recently signed the County Revenue Allocation Bill giving Sh372bn for counties in the next financial year 2018/2019.

President Kenyatta: Kenya is a country of god-fearing and generous people.

President Kenyatta: Most of Kenyans are honest to a fault and intolerant of graft. The Kenyan people are ahead of us, their leaders. Leaders at every level of government must demonstrate a desire to serve and maintain the highest level of integrity.

President Kenyatta: Last year, we recovered Sh500m acquired fraudulently. The government must report fraud. Teachers must teach students on the value of honesty.

President Kenyatta: All of us are in agreement that Kenyans want a lower cost of living, affordable food, and broad and inclusive growth.

President Kenyatta: I have launched the second phase of the SGR line. Last year, we completed the most ambitious project in Kenya’s history.

President Kenyatta: After devolution conference of last week, county governments are keen to work with the national government to improve immunisation rates.

President Kenyatta: Cash was transferred to vulnerable households, giving them the choice of how to spend their stipends.

President Kenyatta: A decent roof over one’s head is the most tangible symbol of a decent life. We have designed a new housing programme that will incorporate the private sector.

President Kenyatta: My dream is that every Kenyan will have the capacity to own a decent home. This dream is going to become a reality if we join our hands to incentivise, especially, the private sector.

President Kenyatta: We cannot rest for the threat is ever present and all Kenyans must constantly be alert.

President Kenyatta: We defend democracy abroad as we do at home. I believe that last year’s events showed the soundness of this policy. Somalia remains unstable. The people of Somalia want to prosper and we equally prosper if they are safe.

President Kenyatta: We urge the leaders of South Sudan to put the interests of their people above all else. Elsewhere, there is better news. In the East African Community, we are growing closer despite challenges. Our neighbours are now free to join us in building a prosperous nation.

President Kenyatta: Following the signing of the continental trade agreement we signed in Kigali, Rwanda, we have an opportunity to open the African continent for trade. We hope you, members of Parliament, will ratify the agreement without delay.

President Kenyatta: It is quite clear that Kenya is safer, more prosperous and more united than when I last spoke to you. The framers of our Constitution were wise to ask us to reflect annually on our achievements. The precept of the precepts is unity. We are determined to live as a united people.

President Kenyatta: Kenyans twice cast their votes last year and the results, I believe, reflected their will. We also learnt a hard truth that neither peace or unity are a given. We must work for them. If we don’t put an end to unrestrained political competition, it will put an end to us.

President Kenyatta: Never again should a Kenyan life be lost for politics sake. Never again should Kenyan property for politics. Must we must be frank with ourselves. That cannot happen by itself. Let us admit that we all failed to hold our country together last year. Let us each apologise for our words, anger and malice. From Mandera to Maseno, from Mbita to Mvita, from Lodwar to Lunga Lunga and embrace our neighbours.

President Kenyatta: I would like to commend Raila Odinga who also made an effort to reconcile the nation when we met on March 9. We did not immediately solve all Kenya’s problems. Unity does not mean unanimity. We stood together, not because we agreed on all issues, but because we agreed Kenya is greater than all of us.

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