Sonko appoints State House favourite Peter Kariuki as County Secretary

Sonko appoints State House favourite Peter Kariuki as County Secretary

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has caved in and approved the nomination of Peter Kariuki to the County Secretary post.

It was reported in February that Sonko had been trying to stamp his authority at City Hall and ward off external forces from State House by shuffling his cabinet.

Sources at county headquarters told the Star the shuffle and recall of Kariuki marked the climax of Sonko’s push to ward off external forces.

But in a letter dated April 5 to Speaker Beatrice Elachi, the Governor urged MCAs to reactivate the process of confirming Kariuki’s appointment.

The candidate’s nomination was revoked on February 26 to give room for further consultations.

Sonko said he reactivated the process after successful consultations with various stakeholders.

He added: “In cognisance of the role of the County Secretary as head of public service, and in coordinating the implementation of my government’s transformative agenda for the people of Nairobi, I urge the Assembly to prioritise the approval of my nominee.

Kariuki previously worked at the Presidential Delivery Unit in the Office of the President.

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