Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom agree to work together

Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom agree to work together

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Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom have joined hands to offer customers with easy access to their money.
In a statement on Friday, the three mobile money operators said customer interoperability is key to allow the seamless transfer of funds.
Interoperability is the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged.
“The service will also enable easy transfer from one mobile money wallet to another across the networks,” the statement read.
This will enable the funds to move directly from the senders wallet to the recipient.
Previously, the transfer of funds across networks was not a seamless process as it was costly and time-consuming.
“With the launch of Interoperability, customers are set to enjoy a better experience. They will be able to send and receive money directly to and from each other, irrespective of the network they are on, allowing them more flexibility and convenience,” it read.
The three said the merger will further drive financial inclusion agenda and empower the customer through a more integrated mobile money ecosystem.
Safaricom and Airtel will launch the interoperability on April 10th and Telkom soon after.
Telkom Kenya revived its Mobile money platform to rival M-Pesa (Safaricom) and Airtel Money (Airtel), eight months after rebranding from Orange.
The new platform dubbed T-Kash is replacing Orange Money whose plug was pulled in July 2017.
Telkom has also slashed the cost of its withdrawal transactions by Sh2 – from Sh32 to Sh30 – across its 19 transaction bands which range from Sh1 to Sh70,000. The maximum transaction value is Sh140,000.

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