Five Kibabii boys caught in girls’ uniforms at Cardinal Otunga

Five Kibabii boys caught in girls’ uniforms at Cardinal Otunga

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Five students of St Mary’s Kibabii Boys High School were caught in girls’ uniforms at the neighbouring Cardinal Otunga Girls’ High School on Sunday night.

Administrators at the girls’ school caught them at the washrooms and called police who took them to Bungoma police station.

The girls protested the police action by smashing window panes and destroying property whose value was not immediately established. They demanded the transfer of their head teacher who has served for about two months.

Police had to step in.

Kirui said the boys were arrested at around 11 pm and that they had already accessed the girl’s dormitory.

“We suspect the boys sneaked in during the day through the girls’ school bus that was in their school for sports,” he said, adding they conspired.

The OCPD said the boys would be released without charges for disciplinary action by the schools.

Several such cases have been reported in the past.

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