Terrorists planned to bomb courts in Nairobi, says Boinnet

Terrorists planned to bomb courts in Nairobi, says Boinnet

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Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet

Three terror suspects who were smoked out of their hiding by police in Isiolo on February 15, 2018 were planning to bomb judicial buildings and a government office, it has been revealed.

This, according to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet who said that intelligence reports have it that the suspects were part of a cell that was planning to stage a major terror attack in the Capital City.

On the fateful day, one of the terror suspects, Mbarak Abdi Huka, was killed while two of his accomplices were arrested after engaging security officers in a gun battle at their hideout in Merti, Isiolo County.

“These terrorists were targeting a government building and we suspect they planned to attack a judicial building probably to rescue people being prosecuted for terror offences,” said Boinnet.

Boinnet further said that in the vehicle the three were using, police found 80kg of high grade explosives.

“Were they to succeed it would have had an impact up to 200 metres. In our assessment, their objective was to create fear and panic, attract attention about their cause, shutter our social standing, discourage investment and hopefully influence government decisions on safeguarding the country,” added Boinnet.

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