Police suspect insiders planned Habib Bank raid

Police suspect insiders planned Habib Bank raid

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Nairobi Police Commander Joseph Ole Tito

Police have trained their guns on workers at Habib Bank AG Zurich, Koinange Branch in Nairobi and their potential external players following a dramatic night raid in which unknown amount of money was stolen.

Although high caliber materials were used to break into the bank and subsequent draining of the strong room vault, the incident went undetected by standby guards manning the bank.

“There was a break in but the amount of money stolen is not yet known. We have left it to the management to establish the exact figure. The kind of work they did to break into the strong room was not easy. This points to a case of inside job.” Nairobi Police Commander Joseph Ole Tito said.

In what police point to be a case of internal collusion between bank employees and the robbers, the runaway bank robbers first dismantled the alarm system, tampered with the CCTV surveillance system and switched off the lights including opaque covering of translucent windows to conceal the gas cylinder light while cutting the vault.

At the scene, investigators recovered gas cylinder, assortment of breaking materials and torn cartons used to cover the display glass display windows.

So concealed was the shocking raid that no one noticed any suspicious activity when the money was discovered missing by the branch manager.

The theft was discovered yesterday mid morning when police were called in.

“This is somebody who knew what he was doing. “ Ole Tito added.

The investigators recorded statements from senior bank officers as part of preliminary investigations.

Last year, Sh50 million was stolen from the Thika Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) branch is the most dramatic bank raid executed without guns or violence.

Three relatives casually drained the bank vault; Halford Munene Murakaru aged 32, his brother Charles Mwangi Murakaru aged 30 and their cousin Julius Ndungu Wainaina aged 30 all graduate students.

They dug a tunnel for months that they used to access the bank’s vault while running a book selling shop next to the bank and a few meters from the police station.

Police recovered Ksh.17 million after the trio were arrested in Marurui estate in Kiambu and led the investigators to Joy Land estate in Juja town where they had hidden the cash.

Munene is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology while Ndung’u graduated with a degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Nairobi.

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