Nasa MPs sue government over bodyguards

Nasa MPs sue government over bodyguards

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At least 141 Nasa MPs have sued the government for withdrawing their security and revoking their firearm licences.

The state withdrew the legislators’ security over their involvement in Raila Odinga’s unofficial oath on Tuesday last week.

The MPs, in the petition filed at the Milimani court on Monday, say they want the court to suspend the decision until the matter is determined.

They argue that the move puts their lives at risk and curtails their constitutional function as MPs.

“On the whole, the impugned decisions are unlawful, arbitrary, irrational, unreasonable, unfair and made in bad faith.”

The legislators further argue that this is contrary to the rules of natural justice and in violation of their rightful and legitimate expectations.

The MPs claim that on January 30, police officers attached to their detail received oral communication requiring them to return to their respective stations.

According to them, the government did not and has not given reasons for the decision to withdraw their security.

“The decision solely targets members of the Nasa coalition and therefore, is in bad faith, discriminatory and partisan,” they say.

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