NASA manipulated data to show Raila won – expert

NASA manipulated data to show Raila won – expert

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The NASA coalition has been accused of manipulating data to show opposition leader Raila Odinga won the August 8 presidential election.

In a five-part series on his website, political historian Charles Hornsby illustrates how the data presented by NASA was manipulated to show Raila won.

Hornsby offers the disclaimer that he does not work for any Kenyan and is not insinuating that the IEBC results were the correct ones.

In his analysis, he uses the data that was released by NASA on January 26 to show inconsistencies and what did not make sense.

“The IEBC may not be telling the truth but NASA is definitely lying. Whether there is any genuine evidence that NASA won the election in existence somewhere is a question I can’t answer, but millions of Kenyans who honestly believed NASA’s claims have been done a deep disservice by this mendacious falsehood,” he says.

Hornsby is one of the foremost western scholars on Kenya, a professor of African history and the author of Kenya: A History Since Independence.

On January 26, the opposition presented a report on the results of the August 8 election, on which Raila Odinga’s January 30 swearing-in was based.

“This is it. This is the document that contains results of the election in 2017, in which more than 80 per cent of Kenyans participated,” Siaya senator and lawyer James Orengo said during the unveiling of their report.

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