Intelligent traffic lights to be rolled out this month

Intelligent traffic lights to be rolled out this month

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A new intelligent traffic light system is being tested in some roads in Nairobi ready for roll out mid this month.

If you use Ring Road then you might have noticed installation of new traffic lights with a beeping sound.

The intelligent traffic lights are fitted with motion sensors and cameras, which base their color change on traffic flow unlike the current ones that use timers.

The new smart traffic lights are expected to ensure smooth traffic flow during rush hours.

Kenya registers on average, 10,000 vehicles on an annual basis. As a result, traffic management is a persistent challenge for authorities even with the joint manpower between police traffic and county traffic marshals.

The congestion on roads is partly blamed on the current fixed time traffic lights which are expected to be addressed by the new intelligent traffic light system.

It is estimated that Kenya loses about least Ksh 70B annually as a result of traffic jams.

Huawei Technologies Kenya Public Affairs Senior Director Adam Lane says intelligent traffic system is not only limited to traffic control.

The lights are also monitored in an offsite central command where they can be adjusted and assist in speedy response in case of accidents with other benefits.

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